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Setting Up Stable Diffusion

getting into AI and want to mess with a one that can generate cool images and other things

looked into midjourney
– its a discord bot with a limit.
– looks like you might be able to invite bot into other servers

looked into a few other AI’s and they all seem to run on someone else hardware( the cloud ) and i am too cheap for that so time to look into self hosted

stable diffusion seems like the way to go so i am gonna try setting it up on my machine with the 3080
gonna test out automatic1111 to see how it runs

Setup was pretty easy, just make sure you have the right version of python and can run git

git pull the project and run it to setup and start it

Managed to get it running with the stable diffusion model found on Hugging Face and tested out a few prompts to see what I would get.

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