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Starting an AR/MR project

Making use of one of the Meta Quest Pro I goy while working for Meta, and using some of the skills I picked up along the way to build out an Augmented Reality(AR) / Mixed Reality(MR) app.
My idea for the app is something I can use around the house while I do productive stuff, its main goal is to help out and provide some entertainment.
It would use the headsets passthrough to emulate what AR would look like without having access to some of the AR hardware that is in the works/available to the public at the moment.
I threw together a basic demo of a Video Player and a few timers, using the Oculus Integration Toolkit and Unity

I loaded up on the headset
Tested it it out by washing some dishes in the kitchen, while watching a music video and interacting with a timer

The video give you a basic idea of the capabilities of the Quest Pro’s Passthrough, and Hand Tracking
I will be working on improving this and turning it into a somewhat decent concept.

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