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Flashing Some Smart Plugs

Been using the Sonoff S31 Smart plugs in my house for a while now.
Have had them integrated into the Home Assistant server in the house using the Sonoff integration
bad thing about this route is it requires the ewelink app as a go between, and who knows what it is reporting back home
decided to get a usb to serial converter so i could flash the S31 with Tasmota
took each plug apart so i could hook it up to the serial to usb programmer and flashed each one using the web tool
put them back together and added them to the wifi
configured them with names
setup mqtt broker on home assistant
setup mqtt intigration
setup tasmotadmin plugin
imported all the plugs
pushed the mqtt settings to the plugs through tasmotadmin
and they just started showing up in the tasmota intigration in home assistant
went into energy dashboard
added in all plugs daily total
hopefully this will work because it takes a few hours for the graphs to update after the changes







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