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Throwing Together A Wine Blog For A Friend


  • Friend has been talking about doing a wine blog for a while now
  • Decided to help him out and get the domain and setup a basic blog about the wine he drinks
  • Setting him up with a WordPress site using Elementor hosting it on my server for now
  • Threw together a basic design and pulled some content from his Instagram posts
  • Managed to throw this all together while sitting at the tables with our families playing INSERT GAME HERE
  • I lost most of the rounds but he seemed to get on board with the idea
  • Taught him the WordPress basics and how to use Elementor to edit pages
  • Been working with him to flush out a design while he puts together the content
It's Alive! — Rick Strater
  • There is still a lot of work to do but we can work on improving the site
  • hooked it up to google analytics because why not, analytics are fun

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