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Last Day Working At Meta

Today was my last day working for Meta in Austin
came in for a engineer training pipeline
program was broken into 3 semesters

semester 1
4 days on helpdesk 1 day study/project
studying: Linux, Chef, Facebook Bootcamp, Hack, React
projects: QR Code Generator, EST Stat Dashboard
semester goal: get familiar with Enterprise Support Tech duties, and learn Linux and Chef

– started month after the rest of my cohort
– working with the helpdesk team in Austin
– had to work remote due to covid
– offices reopen and i go in to help run the helpdesks
– not enough people to open all the desks so we rotate between offices

semester 2
3 days on helpdesk 2 days study/project
semester goal: learn Facebook internal tools along with Python, Hack and React
studying: Python, Networking, The Facebook Internal Stack
projects: Find My Rack, Horizon Worlds ATX Helpdesk
– first round of layoffs
– seems like most of the assigned projects were pulled and most of my cohort who had projects have to – – double up on the remaining one
– looks like there is none for me
– crickets from the program side
– see article in news about horizon worlds sucking, go and see why the news thinks it sucks
– end up building out a 1 to 1 scale version of the helpdesk in the metaverse
– get pulled off desk to work on helpdesk world project

semester 3
2 days on helpdesk 3 study/project
semester goal: get assigned to a partner team to work on a project
studying: Unity, Augmented Reality(AR), Mixed Reality(MR), Virtual Reality(VR), React, Typescript, AI
project: Horizon Worlds Helpdesk World, Mixed Reality Helpdesk Guide

– finished up helpdesk world project
– started AR/MR Project
– layoff 2
– layoff 3
– finishing up

Worked there for a year and a half
system engineering program did not go as planned
pivoted from building system engineering skills to VR/AR/MR Development skills
made it through covid and all 3 rounds of the layoffs
got to work with a lot of cool people
got to see some sweet tech
had the opportunity to cram my noggin with as much stuff as i could possibly come in contact with

leaving my mark at the Austin helpdesks

ATX300 Helpdesk Wall
ATX607 Helpdesk Wall

thanks meta

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