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Sorting Out Some Network Issues

storms in the area have been knocking out power in the house on a weekly basis
everything important is on a ups
for some reason when the UPS shuts down the machines, my router B0RKNET will not power back up
i thought it was an issue with the PSU so I replaced it a few months back
same issue happening with the new PSU
got a PSU tester to see if there are any issues with the PSU, NOPE
tested the other one that i replaced and that one is good too
seems like you have to unplug it from the power completely and wait for the power to drain
tried pulling the battery and it seems to make it a lot faster. seems bios related
was able to recreate the steps to get it in an unusable state
looks like the machine is in the process of doing a safe shutdown and then it tries storing its state and powers off before fully saving
when it gets power again the motherboard tries powering up but sees the shutdown state that didn’t finish so hangs
ended up finding a setting in the bios that should prevent this
testing to see how it goes

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